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Prosinsulate is Red Deer’s go-to provider for all commercial, residential and industrial insulation services. Our team has experience installing insulation across thousands of projects in Alberta.


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Prosinsulate is Red Deer’s go-to provider for all commercial, residential and industrial insulation services. Our team has experience installing insulation across thousands of projects in Alberta. No matter the scale of the project you have, our team would be happy to consult with you on your insulation needs.

Choosing Insulation Products with Additional Benefits

Depending on your project needs, the insulation that you choose to install can often do more than just provide thermal insulation for your property. Many additional insulation features are possible such as soundproofing, fireproofing, and providing a vapour barrier. By consulting with a team that is experienced in insulation installations in Red Deer, you can plan ahead, budget, and select an insulation product that will potentially save money on other project costs. Some insulation providers may default to installing one or two particular products because it is what they are most familiar with, limiting you to working with these materials. Connect with our team to begin exploring the insulation options you have for your project.

Trusted & Experienced Insulation Installers

Working with a professional team is of top importance when it comes to insulation installation. There are many installers who lack the experience necessary to ensure proper installation of the products, which can result in damages to the property, insufficient insulation coverage, and additional expenses for the removal of poorly installed insulation and reinstallation of more material. Proinsulate was founded in 2016 and our team has worked on thousands of projects. When you hire our technicians, you can rest assured the project will be completed properly, on budget, and on time.

Insulation Installation

Proinsulate Insulation Services in Red Deer

Red Deer Spray Foam Insulation

Proinsulate specializes in spray foam insulation. It is a very good insulator and applicable for many different insulation projects ranging from residential to commercial scales. Installation is fast with a professional crew and our team will take all of the safety precautions necessary to ensure the installation is performed properly. Spray foam is comprised of two liquids, isocyanate and polyol resin, that react when combined and expand to produce a foam that cures to create the final insulation product.

Spray Foam Roofing in Red Deer

We also offer spray foam roofing, which is the use of spray foam as a commercial roofing product. If you are unfamiliar with this application of spray foam products, we would be happy to explain the process, benefits, and costs for your particular property.

Insulation Installation and Removal in Red Deer

Proinsulate can install any kind of insulation product you need ranging from fibreglass batting to blown-in insulation, and spray foam insulation. Our technicians can also complete the removal of insulation for renovation projects. It is best to hire a professional to remove insulation to ensure any hazards are properly dealt with to prevent exposure to any toxins.

Red Deer Container & Trailer Insulation

Adding thermal protection to your modular containers or mobile trailers is a great investment for energy savings and reducing noise. By selecting the right products, insulation can also provide a vapour barrier or fireproofing benefits. It is best to hire a professional for this installation to ensure the walls of the structure are not damaged by the application or curing process.

Attic, Basement & Garage Insulation in Red Deer

Proinsulate can provide services for new construction homes or for home renovation projects. It’s important to have properly installed insulation to regulate home temperatures, prevent condensation and moisture problems, prevent ice damming, and save homeowners money with lower energy bills.

Red Deer Fireproofing and Firestopping Insulation Solutions

Meeting commercial fireproofing or fire stopping regulations can be complicated, but it does not need to be if you utilize insulation products that can strategically provide some of the requirements needed for your property. With our product knowledge and experience, our team can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Soundproofing Insulation in Red Deer

Commercial or residential soundproofing requirements can be met using insulation materials that are highly rated for soundproofing. Connect with our team to discuss what types of insulation will offer the soundproofing features your project needs.

Insulation Frequently Asked Questions in Red Deer

What is the R-value of an insulation product indicate?2022-12-14T10:14:16-07:00

R-values are a measurement unit for how well an insulation product will stop heat from passing through the insulation. R-value ratings are set per inch of the insulation material thickness so when reading the R-value of a product you need to consider how many inches of the material will be installed to calculate your final R-value rating.

What Our Clients Say

Darin ScherbaDarin Scherba
21:13 30 Sep 22
Fast, top quality and best price. Thank you
Frank VanderbleekFrank Vanderbleek
22:55 16 Sep 21
Greg and his team insulated an exposed portion of a Sun Room addition and did a great job! They were on time, on budget, explained the process very satisfied!
Darren KyfiukDarren Kyfiuk
23:42 21 May 21
Complex job and they went above and beyond and did an amazing job. Don't hesitate to hire them if you want the job done right!
Rob ElliottRob Elliott
16:04 31 Oct 20
Greg and his team were able to get my small job done in a very short time frame. Thank you.They arrived on time, ready to work. Kept everything clean and did a great job.

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