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A residential insulation upgrade can improve both new and old homes. Your HVAC system may be straining to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


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Having trouble with high energy costs or drafts inside your home? A residential insulation upgrade can improve both new and old homes. Your HVAC system may be straining to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This can cost you money every month and put stress on your heating and cooling equipment. New insulation can lower your monthly utility bill and help your home stay comfortable and draft free.

Residential insulation installation isn’t just for older homes. While older homes often benefit the most, many newer residential buildings weren’t constructed with enough insulation. Your home builder may have only installed enough insulation to pass local building codes and bylaws at the time of construction. Energy costs are higher now. What may have been good thermal protection then is likely inadequate now. If you’re fighting high utility bills it may be time to consider home insulation installation services.

New materials and insulation techniques can help your home become more energy efficient and comfortable. Not only can new insulation save you money on your utility bills, it can also improve the value of your home. Good insulation is important because of the extreme temperatures here in Alberta. It’s critical to work with professionals who know all the best insulation options and can guide you toward the best choices for your home. Proinsulate has completed thousands of installs all over the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area. We’ve helped homeowners improve their energy efficiency for years, and can work with you to craft a home insulation plan that fits your needs and budget.

Attic Insulation

Attics can be one of the main causes of high utility bills. Since it’s a critical part of a home’s energy efficiency, attics are usually heavily insulated. Residential insulation bylaws in Alberta set minimum standards that all homes must meet during construction. These minimums are just that: minimums. Often you can save money by increasing the insulation installed in your attic.

Good insulation isn’t just a matter of quantity. Quality is also critical. Older insulation materials such as fiberglass batts are a cheap way for builders to add insulation but aren’t the most energy-efficient solution. Fiberglass batts are popular with builders because they are cheap and simple to install without special training. However, batts can have trouble sealing irregular areas in attics, and they can’t form an airtight seal. Modern insulation such as spray foam or blown-in cellulose can have big advantages over fiberglass batting. Both spray foam and blown-in insulation can conform to gaps and uneven corners in ceiling joists. Removing and replacing older batt-type insulation can give you an immediate improvement in energy expenses. There are many excellent attic insulation materials, and each will have its own benefits and drawbacks.

Spray foam insulation can be more expensive than blown-in cellulose, but it has some important advantages. Spray foam forms an airtight seal in your attic which can prevent drafts and further lower energy costs. It not only blocks air but is resistant to water. This water resistance is important if you ever have a roof leak. Conventional insulation materials will allow water to pass into ceilings and walls which can result in costly water damage. Spray foam insulation gives you some time to identify leaks in your roof before they cause further damage to your structure. To understand all of your choices it’s best to schedule a professional assessment. During an assessment, a technician can examine your existing attic insulation and suggest how it can be improved.

Basement Insulation

If your floors are cold, inadequate basement insulation may be at fault. This is a common problem in the Edmonton area but can be fixed by professional residential insulation services. Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, professional insulation installers can help increase your family’s comfort and your home’s energy efficiency.

No matter how well-insulated the rest of your home is, an underinsulated basement can cause heat loss. Adding insulation to your basement’s walls and ceiling can raise your home’s total energy efficiency and prevent cold or drafty floors. In Alberta, residential basement walls can be a major source of heat loss. Cold temperatures and condensation are common problems. The right insulation materials help your basement become more comfortable, and may form a barrier to moisture in outside soil.

Professionals can help you choose the best insulation material and techniques for your basement. Trying a DIY basement insulation project can be a bad idea. The best insulation materials here in Alberta may be different than what you read about on the Internet. A local professional should have thorough experience gained from many successful residential insulation installs. This local knowledge can help them suggest the best way to insulate your finished or unfinished basement. Contact us for a professional assessment and we can save you from the headaches of trying to insulate your own basement.

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Garage Insulation

Garages are often under-insulated in Alberta. Thermal protection is important, but fire resistance and fire stopping can be important. It’s important to have a comfortable and energy-efficient garage but an attached garage without proper fire stopping protection can send smoke and toxic gases into your home during a fire. A professional assessment is needed to determine the best way to add additional insulation and fire protection to your garage.

Garages have added requirements beyond those needed in most home insulation installations. Many garages already have some amount of fire and thermal protection. However, insulation can degrade over time, and garage insulation installed decades ago may not meet modern energy efficiency bylaws and minimum fire resistance ratings. A variety of insulation and fire-stopping materials can help your garage become more comfortable and safer. Modern materials offer higher thermal and fire protection than those used in the past.

New garage insulation can also be safer too. Before 1990, many homes and garages in Canada used asbestos in some insulation materials. Removing this material and replacing it with modern, safer insulation can give you peace of mind. Removal of any insulation is a job for professionals, but asbestos is especially hazardous. Asbestos requires special equipment and procedures for safe removal. Professional residential insulation technicians know all bylaws regulating asbestos removal.

Both garage and home insulation installation should be handled by professionals. Garage insulation has a higher potential to be hazardous due to the presence of asbestos. Because garages often contain flammable materials, proper modern fire-stopping protection can increase safety and save lives in the event of a fire. Professionals know current residential insulation rules and can help you achieve a safer and more energy-efficient garage and home.

Insulation Removal

Removal of old insulation is often needed before new insulation can be installed. Old insulation can be hazardous as may contain mold, mildew, rodent waste, and possibly asbestos. All insulation removals should be handled by professionals who have the training and equipment to finish the job safely.

Blown-in insulation must be removed by powerful vacuum units which can pull old loose fill material from between ceiling joists and wall studs. This can be easier in ceilings where there is more clearance for workers and vacuum hoses to access joists. Removing blown-in insulation from walls can be more difficult. Sometimes it’s necessary to cut access holes that are plugged after work is complete.

During insulation removal, a professional can spot problems like pest infestations and water leaks. Damaged insulation can point to other serious structural or plumbing problems which must be resolved. Professional insulation technicians can also spot the presence of asbestos in old insulation or fire-stopping materials. This can be extremely hazardous and is another great reason to avoid DIY insulation work.

Old insulation can’t be thrown away and must be disposed of, or recycled in accordance with national and local bylaws. Proper insulation disposal and recycling can be difficult for DIYers to arrange in the Edmonton area. Professionals have industry contacts and understand how to safely handle hazardous insulation materials.

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