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Soundproofing Insulation in Edmonton, AB

Soundproofing insulation can improve comfort in a wide range of structures, both commercial and residential.


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Soundproofing insulation can improve comfort in a wide range of structures, both commercial and residential. If you’re working in new construction or remodeling, soundproofing can help you create quieter living and working spaces. When correctly installed, soundproofing insulation can lower noise levels, increase property values, and can help you meet commercial sound regulations.

You have a choice of different soundproofing materials. Each has its own benefits or drawbacks, one will be the best choice for your construction project. Our team of professional insulation technicians can help you decide which solution achieves the best sound reduction while staying within your project’s budget. For commercial projects, getting the ideal solution from industry experts will help you avoid tenant and regulatory problems in the future.

Proinsulate has completed thousands of installations in the Edmonton area. We know local regulations and sound bylaws. Our experience can help you discover which solutions are needed, and work within any budget or property requirements. Residential or commercial, trust Proinsulate with your soundproofing need in the Edmonton area. Contact us to schedule a professional assessment for your project.

Soundproofing Insulation

Commercial and Multi-family Soundproofing

The most common application for soundproofing insulation is in commercial buildings and multi-family living spaces, including condos. These spaces are regulated by several different building bylaws. These rules govern not only soundproofing requirements but also insulation efficiency and fire resistance. When completed, your project needs to not only meet local regulations but satisfy clients, tenants, or customers.

Commercial-use buildings often need to contend with increased sound levels. Soundproofing can help lower noise inside structures, both from outside sources and from within adjoining rooms. This is especially important in multi-family dwellings to ensure a comfortable living environment. Without enough sound insulation, noise from commercial equipment or nearby people can pass between rooms. These sounds can compound creating a noisy, unsettling working or living space. Commercial spaces near busy streets are especially in need of sound insulation. Noise from nearby highways or intersections can make an unpleasant environment for customers which leads to unsatisfied tenants. Your commercial project may also need more sound insulation than is required by local building bylaws.

Soundproofing is installed similarly to thermal insulation. In many cases, the same materials are used, differing only in application method and amount. A finished install needs to meet your sound reduction goals with thermal efficiency and fire resistance bylaws. Working with contractors and property owners to install the best solution for their commercial projects is our specialty. We can recommend what is needed for regulatory compliance as well as point out when you may want to install extra sound protection.

Installing Top Quality Soundproofing Insulation in Edmonton

There are many soundproofing materials available. Some common choices offer excellent sound reduction but may not offer water vapour protection. Other materials have superior fire resistance but can add too much weight to your structure. A professional assessment is the best way to find out what your project needs to keep regulatory compliance. Proinsulate has years of experience installing soundproofing in many different commercial and multi-tenant buildings. We know what is required by local bylaws and can make extra recommendations that can give you the highest quality installation possible.

Commercial property owners can be tempted to have maintenance personnel install soundproofing. Unless these workers have specialized training it’s difficult for them to match the quality of professional installers. Worse yet, if they’re unfamiliar with all local building regulations and bylaws, property owners can find their new soundproofing doesn’t meet minimum requirements. It’s important for owners to use professional soundproofing installers for the safest and longest-lasting installations.

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Soundproofing for Single-family Residential Homes

Soundproofing is most often used in commercial structures, but can also be installed in single-family homes. Most homes are built in areas zoned for housing so don’t always need the same sound reduction as multi-tenant and commercial buildings in more urban areas. There are always exceptions: your home may be located near a freeway or other source of nuisance noise. Installation of soundproofing insulation can lower noise levels inside your home and provide a more peaceful and relaxing environment.

Soundproofing insulation installs use similar materials to thermal insulation, but there are differences that can lead to higher costs. If you have a serious noise problem this higher cost may be justified. Not only will you have a quieter home, but soundproofing can also add to your building’s value. If you’re thinking about installing soundproofing insulation in your home, contact us for a professional assessment. We can show you all of your choices so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Soundproofing Insulation

Frequently Asked Questions about Soundproofing in Edmonton

Is it possible to completely soundproof a building?2022-11-22T18:28:01-07:00

It’s not possible to completely soundproof a building. The phrase “soundproofing” can lead to some consumer misunderstandings. What soundproofing does is greatly reduce the transmission of sound from outside sources and adjoining rooms or units. Loud sounds, particularly in commercial buildings, are almost impossible to completely remove. A professional assessment can evaluate your nuisance sound levels and recommend the best way to achieve a quieter environment while staying within your budget. Contact our team to schedule an assessment for your property.

What kinds of insulation are soundproofing?2022-11-22T18:29:55-07:00

There are many different insulation options that offer varying degrees of soundproofing for homes and offices, below is a list of some of them:

  • Mineral or Rock Wool Insulation
  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Foam Insulation (Spray foam and rigid boards)

Each of these materials has a different STC (a unit that measures the amount of sound blocked by the material, the higher the better) and NRC (noise reduction coefficient; ranging from 0.0-1.0). Our team can help you find a product that provides sufficient soundproofing for your property.

Does soundproofing also provide thermal insulation?2022-11-22T18:30:21-07:00

Yes. The materials used for soundproofing also provide thermal insulation. Often sound proofing installs can also help your structure meet regulations and bylaws which specify minimum thermal insulation protection.

Should I choose open-cell spray foam over other soundproofing products?2022-11-22T18:31:06-07:00

Many soundproofing materials are available including open-cell spray foam. While this provides excellent noise reduction there may be other considerations in your particular installation. If fire resistance is a priority, our professionals may recommend a different solution. It can be difficult to determine which soundproofing material is best without looking at your particular building. It’s best to schedule a professional assessment where we can give you a detailed recommendation. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Proinsulate Service Areas

Our team works in Edmonton and surrounding areas including Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, and Leduc. If you have any questions about an insulation project in your area, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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