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Roofing Insulation Installation in Alberta

Spray foam roofing insulation should be installed by trained professionals. We have years of experience in the Edmonton area and know the best materials and techniques to handle your next roofing project.


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Spray foam roofing is an excellent choice for many commercial roofing needs. This lightweight and energy-efficient material forms a durable seal even in the most challenging areas. Spray foam is easy to apply over existing roofing materials. In many cases it isn’t necessary to remove old roofing before covering the roof with new spray foam.

Commercial buildings can have complicated roofing needs. With air conditioning units, fans, standpipes, and drainage vents, conventional roofing materials can be challenging to install and prone to leaks. Spray foam roofing gives you the freedom to apply where needed without special hand trimming around vents, air conditioning units, or other equipment found on your roof.

Spray foam roofing should be installed by trained professionals. We have years of experience in the Edmonton area and know the best materials and techniques to handle your next roofing project. Spray foam can be an excellent solution to challenging roofing projects and can conform to irregular surfaces. Plus, it serves as a self-flashing solution around stacks and vents when properly applied. Contact the Proinsulate team to get a professional assessment for your next roofing project.

Easy and Energy-efficient Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam is not only a durable and long-lasting roofing material, but it can also be highly energy efficient as well. This material will expand 30 to 60 times during application, creating an insulating layer of tiny air pockets. This gives spray foam excellent insulation capacity, measured as R-value. In fact, this material has the lowest thermal conductivity of any commercial roofing product. Other materials can have gaps which can leave you with small leaks, especially as the years pass. Spray foam is a seamless install with no gaps or seams which can develop leaks.

Irregular roofs can be difficult to cover properly. Spray foam can be applied to uneven surfaces and can solve tricky roofing challenges. Because spray foam provides a seamless roofing solution it can succeed in difficult commercial environments. Seamless application means vent pipes and other roof hardware won’t need extra flashing: spray foam can seal from your roof’s surface to the side of standpipes with no gaps or extra hardware needed.

Getting the most energy-efficient roofing material is key to lowering utility bills and providing more comfortable living and working spaces. Spray foam roofing can help you meet sustainability and green energy targets. This can save you money in utility costs over the lifetime of your roof. With rising energy prices, getting the best and most efficient roofing material is more important than ever. Conventional products don’t offer the same high-efficiency insulation value as spray foam roofing. Combined with its toughness and durability, spray foam’s excellent insulation properties can give you a low-maintenance roof. It can also add value to your property and lower utility costs for years to come.

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New Installation and Spray Roofing Repair

Spray foam is a great choice for new construction projects, but can be an ideal material for upgrading existing roofing. Because of its light weight, it can be applied over many different types of existing roofing materials without needing to remove the old material first. Other roofing solutions like gravel, tiles, or metal can develop leaks over the years and need repair. Because of their weight, it isn’t always possible to apply more material without removing the old roofing first. Lightweight spray foam can seal and repair these surfaces without the added labor and time needed for extensive preparation.

If your roof is leak-free it’s a straightforward process to add more insulation with a layer of spray foam roofing. Adding more insulation to existing roofs can dramatically lower energy costs and increase comfort inside buildings. The lightweight nature of spray foam creates new opportunities to achieve higher energy efficiency while lowering your carbon footprint. A professionally installed spray foam roof is a quick and easy way to refresh your roof’s energy efficiency and structural integrity.

Lower Maintenance Commercial Roofing for Alberta

Spray foam roofing has excellent durability and easy maintenance. While all roofing materials will need a periodic refresh, spray foam gives you the ability to easily install additional coats when needed. In many cases, these additional coatings can be applied on top of existing spray foam roofing. Contrast this to other materials which need the removal of existing roofing before replacement. Spray foam roofing offers a way to avoid expensive and labour-intensive roofing repairs in the future.

Weather in Alberta can be a challenge for commercial roofs, and spray foam roofing offers a practical solution. Spray foam offers flexibility which can withstand small structural shifts caused by thermal contraction and expansion. Combine this with easy maintenance and excellent thermal insulation and you can see why spray foam is an ideal commercial roofing material for our climate.

Spray Foam Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Can people walk on a spray foam roof? Can my HVAC equipment be easily serviced?2022-11-22T06:17:51-07:00

Spray foam is a durable roofing material that can withstand foot traffic. However, if you have special HVAC or other equipment that needs frequent access, specially reinforced walkways can be installed. This isn’t needed in most situations but we are able to work within your requirements. Scheduling a professional assessment is the best way to determine what extra work is needed for your construction project.

Is a spray foam roof smooth?2022-11-22T06:18:44-07:00

While spray foam roofing has some variations, it is mostly smooth when professionally applied. Some DIY spray foam roofing projects can be lumpy or wavy which isn’t a result of the materials used. Always hire professional and experienced spray foam roofing installers for the best outcome and performance.

Can spray foam roofing be cut or damaged? How is it repaired?2022-11-22T06:20:32-07:00

Spray foam roofing is thick and it’s difficult to cut through the entire membrane once it has cured. Surface damage typically won’t penetrate all the way through the spray foam and won’t create leaks. In cases of serious damage, spray foam can be repaired with additional spray foam, caulk, silicone, or other roofing materials. It’s important to remember that spray foam roofing is a thick layer of material that isn’t easily damaged by surface damage. Even when present, cuts won’t cause the failure of the roofing.

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